Activity 1: Identifying Verbs Identify the verbs used in the following sentences! Then write A if

I am currently employed
at Marco Inc., where have honed my skills. (P)

I am driven

by passion, motivation, and determination. (P)

3. As part of our training,
was placed
in an externship for 10 hours. (P)

I worked fo
r Gilan Company in the sales department from 2019 until 2021. (A)

I was tasked
with compiling analytic for our marketing department. (P)

I am writing
to apply for the receptionist position at Giant Dental. (A)

I played
a major role in serving the students who came into the office. (A)

I pride
myself on my communication skills and professionalism. (A)

I have been involved
with the residence life community for the past two years. (P)

I have
excellent time-management skills and always strive to make everyone feel welcome. (A)


Kalimat-kalimat di atas sahih dipakai privat inskripsi lamaran pekerjaan (job application letter). Kalimat-kalimat tersebut memakai rancangan
passive voice
yang bisa kita kajian seumpama berikut.

1. Kalimat passive kelihatan mulai sejak “​I am currently employed”.

2. Kalimat passive tertumbuk pandangan dari ” I am driven”.

3. Kalimat passive terlihat dari “was placed”.

4. Kalimat active terlihat berpokok “I worked”.

5. Kalimat passive terlihat dari “I was tasked”.

6. Kalimat active terlihat dari “I am writing”.

7. Kalimat active terlihat berbunga “I played”.

8. Kalimat active terlihat terbit “I pride”.

9. Kalimat passive terlihat dari “I have been involved”.

10. Kalimat active terlihat dari “I have”.

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