carilah kata kerja verb 2 early entry smkn 7 when I was in junior high school, I wanted to go to

Carilah kata kerja verb 2

early entry smkn 7
when I was in junior high school, I wanted to go to SMA 3. Time passed until the end of the school registration period had arrived. at the time of registration I chose SMA 3, according to my wishes. in high school 3 I chose the zoning path. at that time i felt that i was going to go to high school 3 because where i lived was close to high school 3. after registration I checked my name on a ppdb link. At first I entered the rankings, gradually I was shifted until finally I was no longer listed in high school 3. After I was no longer enrolled in SMA 3, I also registered at SMA 7. in smk 7 I entered through the local line. At SMK 7, there are 3 majors to choose from. I also chose the first, accounting, both animation, and the third tjkt. After registering , I also checked my name on the PPDP link , I checked the name according to the major I chose . First I checked my name in the accounting department, because accounting was my first choice. In accounting it turned out that my name was not registered. I checked the animation department and it turned out that I was in that department. Berayun-ayun finally the final ranking results were out, I was chosen to be a student at SMK 7 majoring in animation. I am very grateful that I finally got to smk 7 . The time has come for the first time at SMK 7. On the first day, all new students carry out what is called MPLS (school environment introduction period). Mpls performed for 3 days. Our first day, all new students gathered in the school field of SMK 7. The student council members introduced themselves one by one and their majors. After introducing the names and majors of the advanced student council members, the teachers introduced themselves to each meeting. After the introduction, all of us new students were directed to the mosque in SMK 7. There we were told the name and part of the building in SMK 7 and the student council members told us to make name tags and bring flowers. Each flower department is different. The second day of our MPLS gathered in the school field. Student council members check a student meeting that does not bring flowers and name tags. For students who do not bring name tags / flowers, they are told to come forward and be punished. After that, it turned out that we arrived from Mobile Brigade. Brimob taught us the UN, how to be disciplined when upright, etc. On the third day of MPLS, all students were invited to see the building at smk 7 led by the student council brother and sister. After the MPLS, to be precise, every day the students of SMK 7, both new students and old students, from the first vacation, after the holidays.​