dialog bahasa inggris 4 orang dengan kabar, perkenalan, terima kasih, meminta maaf, berpamitan​



Hana : Isn’t that Rena?

Bagas : Oh yeah that’s Rena

Caca : Let’s say hello to her

Hana, Bagas, Caca : Hello, Rena!

Rena : Oh, Hello?

Hana : How are you?

Rena : I’m fine, how about you guys?

Bagas : We’re okay.

Caca : We just from to the gathering place, what about you Rena?

Rena : I just came from the public library, to returning book and borrowing this book.

Hana : Oh right, We gonna go now, see you Rena


Zahra : oh that’s new student in this school, right? Chatrine : Oh yes, maybe.. because i never seen him before, Let’s meet them!

Zahra : Hello! you guys are new student in this school, right?

Vion : Oh right, my name is Vion.

Vino : and I’m Vino.

Zahra : I’m Zahra.

Chatrine : and I’m Chatrine, and sometime, can we go together?

Vion : let’s go together.

Vino : Let’s go!



Rara : Can you help us, Fina?

Fina : oh, okay. what can I do for you guys?

Rara : This book, it’s a little heavy and we gonna put this to the library.

Windy : Please help Gilang.

Gilang : Hello fina, can you help berpenyakitan please?

Fina : okay, let’s go, I help.

Rara, windy : Thank you Fina!

Fina : it’s fine.



Gaga : be careful, this vase can broke.

Hanif : okay

Poli : I’ve been very careful.

Fifin : watch out, I slipped!

Gaga : WATCH OUT! don’t let the vase fall!

Fifin : Walah! i’m so sorry guys! it’s anyone okay?

Hanif : we’re okay.

Poli : Be careful fifin.

Fifin : Okay, I’m sorry!

Gaga : you’re injured, treat first!

Fifin : I’m okay, thank you guys, I’ll go now.


Vivian : mom, I’m gonna go now

Mom : oh yes, be careful

Dad : be careful

Vivi : be careful sister

Vivian : okay, good bye