Directions:make the nouns plural where necessary. 5. I have two small child.

apa yang harus kita lakukan sebelum membeli suatu produk/obat​

buatlah tindasan pelawaan ke program hari jadi kalian intern bahasa inggris!! dikumpulkan masa ini​

A. I don’t have go to schoolB. You just go to schoolC. I have to get up earlyD. You have to get up nowE. I don’t have to get up very early​

1 contoh tugas teks how you do it beserta artinya​

For questions *28 to 30* , choose the correct words to complete the dialog. Roni : Tyo, you ever lived in Yogyakarta, didn’t you? Tyo : Yes, I did. Wh …

y? Roni : I will continue my studies there. So, I will live there for a quite long time. Could you please tell me about the dos and don’ts when living there? Tyo : Well, several traditions and customs still exist in Yogyakarta. Many people practice them to show their respect to others. First, you (28)_____ bow when you pass in front of people, especially the elderly, and say, “Excuse derita.” Roni : All right, I will remember that. What else? Tyo : You must be friendly to anyone who greets you. I’m sure you will face this kind of situation there. So, you have to socialize with your (29)______ and behave well. Roni : I think it is a common thing to do in every place. Tyo : You’re right. There are still many others, but I’m sure you will learn about them (30)____ when you’ve already been there. Roni : I think so. I can’n wait to move to Yogyakarta.Tyo : I’m sure you’ll enjoy staying there.28) A. must B. would C. could D. are29) A. family B. friends C. teachers D. neighbors30) A. traditionally B. quickly C. barely D. quietlyplisss tolongg bantuuu​