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PG – Soal Nomor 1 The dialogue is for questions below. Farrel is coming late to the classroom. Mr. Jim, his teacher is in the class. Farrel Good morni …

ng, Sir. May I come in? : Mr. Jim: Good morning. Yes, sure. Farrel I would like you to forgive me because I’m late today. I h ave a flat tire and the car doesn’t run away. Mr. Jim : … You may sit down. Farrel Yes, sir. Thank you very much. Why Farel comes late? A. B. Tatap Nomor Tanya C. D. Because he wakes up early as usual Because the car can’t move well Because he fixes his car by himself Because the car can run well and fast​

buatlah dialog suggestion dengan tema “bertegal”​

Tolong bantu jawab ya mba ​

P-R-Y-Kaki langit-I-A-k-c susun kerumahtanggaan bahasa Inggris beserta artinyatolong besok dikumpul plis jemah dijadiin jawaban yang tercerdas sama di follow dan dikasih …

medalion jangan ngasal jawab nya ya​

1. How to use a fire extinguisher. 2. Making Scented Candles. 3. How to Make Chiken Soup​